MAZZA DESIGNS was founded by Micki Mazza in 2010 with the sole purpose to bring functional, elegant, and timeless jewelry with flexibility. Everyone loves a new look, and the concept of the MAZZA collections is to allow you the flexibility to change your style. The brand's identity symbolizes the strength and the ability to adapt to all of life's scenarios. Through the artistic reality and vision of Mademoiselle Mazza's jewelry collection the transcendent symbolic identity is designed to give strength to those needing encouragement, and the courage to wear what makes you comfortable.


MAZZA Wristwear creations are inspired by the functional everyday lifestyle of the bold. The strong themes of the interchangeable Wristwear symbolizes the brand's identity of adaptability. From the first conceptual sketches there was a clear design path that led to the creation of this piece. Inspired by the world of Micki Mazza, to detailed artistic conceptualizations destined for production, the Mazza Designs Studio continually shapes its products to offer elegant timeless designs.

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