About Micki Mazza

For over 30 years, renowned Creative Artist, Micki Mazza, has utilized her talent and instincts to elevate her client’s features and individual lifestyle. Through her work as an Award Winning Hairstylist, Jewelry Designer and more, Micki has created artistic styles and designs for her loyal followers that continue to translate into elevated confidence and self-assurance for them. She possesses a unique talent to assess each client’s individualized style and soul and translate it into heightened confidence and joie de vivre.

As an artist, Micki believes in the freedom of expression. She is passionately inspired by life’s challenges while her collection is eclectic and her designs, uniquely expressive. She brings together a playful collection that is intertwined with meaningful messages. Each distinctive piece symbolizes a life filled with JOY, designed with CLARITY, assembled with STRENGTH, embraced with FAITH, and ultimately inspired by LOVE.

Micki is an entrepreneurial spirit with a humanitarian heart. She is the owner and founder of Mazza Designs Consulting, Inc., a distinctively earth inspired jewelry collection called Reflecting Cancer that embraces meaningful messages intertwined with eclectic symbolisms. She has donated her exclusive designs to several charities, including The LLS Foundation, Museum of Arts (MOA), and charities that address children with sexual abuse.

On a personal level, Micki finds her freedom of expression to create unlimited creative projects very uplifting. "Designing is my LIFE. Making something out of nothing, as in my client’s coloring or hairstyle… everyone has something beautiful about them and I really enjoy bringing that out. It's the real people in my business that inspire me. Whether it’s my custom jewelry, accessories, cooking, my writings, interiors, or working & developing my many upcoming concepts and ideas, each creation affords me infinite joy. I have never settled for the status quo - nor will I ever!" she says. “It all just comes naturally for me”. Micki Mazza is the quintessential artist.

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